supervision for counsellors, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists

I qualified in the supervision of counselling in 1994 following completion of the Cambridge University Certificate in the Supervision of Counselling, equivalent to contemporary diplomas. Since then I have had a constant stream of many satisfied supervisees.

Many have stayed in supervision with me for a number of years, and many have progressed from student counsellors on to successful private practice and BACP accreditation. My various supervisees have worked as Primary Care counsellors for GP surgeries, bereavement counsellors (Cruse), drug and alcohol agencies, prisons, with refugees and asylum seekers, in counselling agencies receiving GP referrals, working for Employee Assistance Progammes, and counsellors in schools and in succesful private practice.

My supervision approach is Integrative especially Person-Centred and Psychodynamic with knowledge of CBT interventions, Gestalt techniques, Body Oriented therapy approaches.

I also supervise hypnotherapists/psychotherapists drawing from more than 23 years experience skillfully integrating Hypnotherapy with Counselling and Psychotherapy.

I keep an awareness of the Parallel Process in supervision...the transference and countertransference which can emerge in supervision and which intuitively informs the relationship between the counsellor and client. I work with the supervisee when it seems that the supervisee's personal issues are clouding his/her interventions and reactions to the client.

My long, wide ranging experience has contributed to the practical wisdom I offer, enabling a sensitive awareness of the therapeutic relationship and to the client’s individual needs.

My supervisees have reported feeling safe, accepted, positively challenged at times and appropriately affirmed in their work.

I offer my supervision and counselling services to those working in the caring professions where both counselling skills are employed and emotional support is needed. This may include nurses, paramedics, doctors, health visitors, occupational therapists, social workers, teachers, alternative therapists, those working in personnel departments, nursing homes, probation, prisons, police, victim support and many more voluntary organisations and charities.

I have had a number of supervisors over my thirteen years of counselling, and none of them has shown more personal integrity or worked to such high ethical standards as Mary. I have always and without fail found Mary to be highly professional and thoroughly competent as a supervisor. She has consistently maintained boundaries in our relationship and has always been conscientious and caring towards my clients and myself. Mary has a keen awareness of transference and counter-transference, and regularly made use of these insights to support me in my client- work. I hold Mary in the highest regard.
— BACP accredited and Primary Care counsellor, after six years of supervision with Mary
I worked with Mary as my supervisor for over 3 years. At all times I felt very supported and that I was held in ‘safe hands’. Mary was warm, knowledgeable, empathic and challenged me when it was appropriate. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as a supervisor and in fact have done to several peers.
— Counselling student to private practice
Mary has been my Supervisor for over three years. During that time her support has seen me through my training; starting up my practise whilst working full time; and taking the leap into part-time work so that I could devote more time to the counselling. Mary has been wonderful for helping me explore and reflect on the way I am working with Clients, get feedback and challenge on aspects of my work, and to offload and re-charge my energies. I would always highly recommend Mary as a Supervisor, as I have found her support over the years to be completely professional, extensive and invaluable.
— Counselling student to private practice
Mary has been my supervisor for the past six years. Her approach to supervision is invariably thoughtful, focused, non-shaming and creative. I greatly value her practice wisdom built up over many years, as she is a highly experienced therapist as well as supervisor. During that time my needs from supervision have changed, and Mary’s approach has been flexible to accommodate that. She has invariably been supportive of my efforts to grow my counselling practice, in practical as well as professional ways. I highly recommend her.
— BACP accredited counsellor in private practice

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